Gaëtan Essayie grew up in Biot, an artisian village from the medieval period perched on a hill in the south of France. His trajectory naturally takes roots in his father’s workshop, who has been collaborating with Viviana Torun in the 1960’s. Faithfull to his technical choices, the art of the curve and the link that remain so central to his aesthetic, which must remain, according to him, above all functional. The shape of the silver wire and the attachment of the jewel make it a strong and recognizable trademark. The clasps are intriguing, they fulfill their function secretly. Indeed, most of models are not welded.

Since 2013, Gaëtan shares his time between Biot and Berlin where he works in the collective workshop Volksluxus, in the heart of the cosmopolitan area of Kreuzberg. Gaëtan has continued to evolve through his encounters and collaborations with other artists likewise infused with Berlin’s unique energy. He conceived masks and body accessories, defining a new path of his work for performing arts. Between crafts and design, with no necessity to belong to any category, Gaëtan Essayie continue to explore the gesture and material.